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Leadership Lessons

"Leaders choose themselves"

Leadership Lessons

John Thomas Dodson Teaches on the Substance of Leadership

Lessons of a 5th Grader Line Leader [MDL]

The Wisdom in Getting Lost [BAE]

Going Back to the Playground [WWP]

The Patience to Listen [PLF]

The Risk of Collaboration [LWCH]

Creating a Culture of Exploration

Re-imagining Teams

Engaging in Performance Practice

Leading with Courage and Fear

Leading with Emotions

Leading with Intuition

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Gain more insight by listening to the author.

Lessons from a 5th Grade Line Leader

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The Master Class is the next step toward your internal transformation as you interact in a small group setting with your guide and personalize the program in your

Leadership Journal.


Deepen your insights, set goals, and hold yourself accountable through this one-to-one level of personalization, based upon the issues emerging in your Leadership Journal.



an Explorer

Explorers measure risk differently than others. Certainly we know that we are putting ourselves in a dangerous position, but we develop faith in our capacities to rise to the challenge.

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