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A masterclass is a small-group learning experience led by a master teacher.


"Masterclass" is a  term drawn from the field of the performing arts.  As each artist contributes, everyone learns through direct participation, observation of the other participants and through the verbal and non-verbal contributions from the master teacher.

Each masterclass in the Substance of Leadership series focuses upon a primary aspect of leadership. A multi-media, interactive experience unites various modalities of learning and a safe, vibrant atmosphere of collective exploration is encouraged.

Participants in the masterclass experience should have read and listened to the online materials, and to have begun to work with their leadership journals. Everything else needed for the masterclass will be provided at the time of the class. Two examples of masterclass experiences appear below.




The purpose of the  masterclass is to deepen your interior work. The masterclass experience takes about ninety minutes and is led by a Substance of Leadership faculty member. Alongside a small group of fellow students you can both personalize your journey and learn more about the subject. Expect to use writings from your Leadership Journal, and to discuss both the reading materials, the podcasts, and new material introduced during the masterclass itself.

Group discussions on lessons from the humanities

Drawing upon your pre-work and the materials presented during the masterclass, you can open yourself up to new viewpoints, and make your own thinking clearer. Below is an example of one slide from the masterclass contrasting two views of David as he confronts the challenge of Goliath.

Private Journal Entry
on the Shadows of Leadership

Using tools you receive at the masterclass you will privately explore your motivations to lead. Even the most positive motivations have shadow aspects associated with them. Familiarizing yourself with those qualities can help keep you from becoming a victim of the power of the shadow.

Masterclasses take place in person and online. To schedule your participation in a Substance of Leadership masterclasses inquire via the contact page.

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Deepen your insights, set goals, and hold yourself accountable through this one-to-one level of personalization, based upon the issues emerging in your Leadership Journal and your masterclass experiences.


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